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ICC to kick start All Women Chapter in Odisha

ICC Women's Entrepreneurship Committee (IWEC), is the first of its kind Women's Committee being formed by Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in a State Chapter. The IWEC is a focused group created to promote business development, provide mentorship and help aspiring women in the entrepreneurial journey. The core objectives of the council are Empowerment, Education, Skill Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship & Business Development.
IWEC currently has 50 women members varying from eminent business leaders running multi- core  business  to  aspiring  women  entrepreneurs.  The  council  is  led  by Ms  Sukirti  Patnaaik, Convenor  of  IWEC  and  Ms  Chidatmika  Khatua,  Co-Convenor  of  IWEC  along  with  10  core advisory committee members.The press meet for the inauguration of IWEC was held on 13-Dec-2019, between 11.30 am -1.00 pm at Camelia, Hotel Mayfair, Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneswar.The Press Meet was attended by the IWEC core committee members, state heads of the ICC and women IWEC members.The ICC Odisha State Council, has also been functioning efficiently, and building meaningful synergies  among  Industry  and  Government  by  addressing  strategic  issues  of  regional  and national significance. To broad base the ICC – Odisha activities are organized under sectoral expert  committees  which  will  advocate  policy  recommendations  and  focused  initiatives  for growth of business and industry.
This Women Entrepreurship Committee is one of its First kind in Odisha to mentor, support, handhold and empower the Women Entrepreneurs of Odisha. On 11th January 2020, A Women Leadership Summit will happen in Bhubaneswar where all the dynamic 40 Women Entreprenuers will be recognised and felicitated officially.  

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