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“Let’s pledge to stop Ageism. Age is just a number!”

Bhubaneswar, October 1, 2017.
HelpAge India marks‘International Day of Older Persons’ this year with the theme ‘#Stop Ageism’. Marking ‘International Day of Older Persons’, an AwarenessWalkathon along with Signature Campaign is being held in the state capital by HelpAge India in collaboration with Senior Citizen Associations of the state.Above 400 Senior Citizens from various senior citizen associations joining the programme along with youth.
“Elders across the globe face discrimination based on their age, within the family circle as well as outside in their community and society at large. It is therefore imperative that sensitization be done at every stage and sphere of life and our elders are treated with care and dignity.” – stated Bharati Chakra, State Head, HelpAge India.
HelpAge India had conducted a 19 city - national studyon ‘How India treats its Elderly’ to understand in-depth how elders are treated in the public space across the nation.HelpAge’s campaign to ‘Stop Ageism’ is therefore aimed at sensitizing people and making them aware of their own treatment towards elders. 
As per the report, nationally,
•    64% seniors say it’s easy for people to get away with being rude to the elderly.
•    53% elders feel, Indian Society discriminates against them.
•    61% elders feel, people get impatient with them, since they are slow
•    52% elders feel, people are ruder to them if they are not well dressed

India has an estimated 104 million elders, by 2050 this number will spike up to 324 million. As retired elders are living longer, therefore it is imperative that they lead active and happy lives with family and society who them with no discrimination. HelpAge will continue to advocate the importance of inter-generational bonding a work towards building a society that treats elders with the respect they deserve.

State Head –HelpAge India Ms.Bharati Chakra, and General Secretary FOSCAO – Sri Jugal Kishore Sahuwere among the dignitaries who joined the Walkathon. There were representatives from corporate bodies like LIC of India and NALCO to show solidarity for the cause of elderly in the state.

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