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Teenage Expectation About Adult Life, Perfectly Elaborated Through This Comic

06:35 PM on 17 Mar 2017,Friday
Comic artist, Tijana Cvetić makes awesome comics about the real situation faced by most of us that are Real life is really hard then what we thought in childhood. You know what happens when you move out of college? You move the f**k on! College life is over, and it’s time to snap out of the

Daddy ‘Thomas Romain’ turns his child's doodles into amazing ‘animation’

11:03 AM on 01 Feb 2017,Wednesday
‘Father-Son’ relationship is the best thing in the world, having a boy child for any father is like having his own childhood on his lap. A dad enjoys his childhood with his child, play with him, have funny pictures, go for a walk and enjoys every bit moment of his life. Boy child al

Male vs. female profile

05:00 PM on 08 Apr 2016,Friday
What happens when you don`t go on Facebook for a week  

Never ending dreams with never ending works !

04:28 PM on 07 Apr 2016,Thursday
Never ending dream! Never ending work! How badly the men is chasing their dream, even if they cannot do it,together with work.Daydreaming still left in work,till they die   

Sometimes cartoon says a lot!

10:06 AM on 04 Apr 2016,Monday
When you asked from children about their favorite cartoon, the mostly answer you get is definitely a Tom & Jerry,But ,rather being a cartoon show,  the character taught as a lot! See some pics and find there meaning in your life.    
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