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Religion in Digital Asia Conference, Realities and Experiences shared by Asian Scholars at Centurion University

9th ARC Round Table Conference which is entitled “Religions in Digital Asia II, Realities, Experiences and Visions” is being inaugurated  at Centurion University of Technology and Management, Jatni campus. It will be held on February 7th to 9th 2017 at the university campus.The conference is being organized by Institute of Knowledge Societies in association with Centurion University. The Institute strives to draw together all wings of the Centurion University and sister institutions to create a research hub and network them with a view to give direction to the larger mandate of a sustainable society through a true acknowledgement of the diverse and simultaneous sites of knowledge production.

 According to UNESCO, universal access to information is key to building peace, sustainable economic development, and intercultural dialogue. UNESCO promotes ‘Openness’ in content, technology, and processes through awareness raising, policy formulation and capacity building. These solutions include Open Access to Scientific InformationOpen Educational ResourcesFree and Open Source Software, an Open Training Platform and Open and Distance Learning. Such resources allow researchers and innovators to more easily share and use data. They also provide students and educators from around the world with unprecedented access to knowledge and information.IKS works to create inclusive knowledge societies and empower local communities by increasing access to and preservation and sharing of information and knowledge in all of UNESCO’s domains. Knowledge societies must build on four pillars: freedom of expression; universal access to information and knowledge; respect for cultural and linguistic diversity; and quality education for all.

It is in response to this, the International Round Table Conference has all its reason to unite the ignited minds and scholastic brains from Asia to discuss more elaborately about the possibilities and opportunities as knowledge societies are the vehicles of momentum for intellectual growth and prowess.


UNESCO reportswith ten recommendations, focusing on the necessity to improve,

1.      High quality education for all

2.      Community access to information and communication,Technologies (ICTs)

3.      Enlargement of the public domain of knowledge

4.      Scientific co-operation networks

5.      Sharing of environmental knowledge for sustainable development

6.      Linguistic Diversity

7.      Knowledge certification on the internet

8.      Creation of partnerships for digital solidarity

9.      Increased women’s participation in knowledge societies

10. Development of statistical tools to measure knowledge societies


Based on the principles outlined above, and with a view to seek the status of UNESCO category II institution, Centurion University has started an Institute of knowledge Societies(IKS) in its Bhubaneswar campus. Prof. Chandrabhanu Pattanayak who presently works as the Director of the CCTE and the University of Hawai’i at Manoa’s India programs, drives the project.


The Round Table conference will provide the platform for possible collaborations and associations with the Asian countries in order to make IKS’s vision more visible to create a better and progressive knowledge economy in Asia at large.


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