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11:14 AM on 15 Mar 2021,Monday
Dr. Parul Sharda, Associate Professor, IMIRC - I know that the word “Leadership” is not new to you, but this article will surely help you understand the new concept of leadership that is required in the 21st century. So let us start with the word ‘Lead-er-ship’… t

Special way to serve khichdi

04:54 PM on 07 Mar 2021,Sunday
It is better to use the leftover food than throw it away. Today we are going to tell you how to use it if khichdi is left. You can also make pakoras at home with the remaining khichdi. So let's know the recipe for making pakoras from the remaining khichdi. Ingredients required to make pakoras:

Safe Travel: Indonesia travellers can now enter UAE

05:09 PM on 06 Mar 2021,Saturday
The Indonesian Consulate in Dubai confirmed that travel between Indonesia and the UAE under the Safe Travel Corridor Arrangement (STCA) programme is currently on after a temporary suspension earlier. Meanwhile, Passengers from Indonesia can now visit the UAE under the Safe Travel Corridor Arrangeme

do you want to eat healthy yet tasty? make quinoa in this way

03:02 PM on 05 Mar 2021,Friday
Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. but to be on that we must eat healthy and must watch over what we are eating in throughout a day. so here we are giving one most healthy option to eat that is Quinoa. Quinoa is good source of Protein and fiber and helps in weight loss with full nutrition as we

8 beautiful places in world where the true colors of nature reside

05:49 PM on 01 Mar 2021,Monday
Who does not like to roam in today's time, and in today's time, people are always in search of the biggest and the most beautiful place to roam. But sometimes it is not possible for us to go to some places. And this is the reason that many times people cancel their busy routine and sometimes
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