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Interesting ways to prepare Eggplant dishes

10:01 AM on 30 Nov 2020,Monday
Aubergine also is known as eggplant is one of the bitter vegetables. Most people don’t like it in there diet. You must be familiar with the smell of burning of roasted brinjal. Yes, it's a common ingredient in Indian cuisine but only limited dishes are prepared with this versatile veg

Ultimate recipe to help lower your cholesterol level

03:08 PM on 29 Nov 2020,Sunday
Low-density lipoprotein is actually called bad cholesterol. It actually increases the risk of getting heart diseases and stroke. The bad cholesterol comes from certain types of food you eat on a daily basis, thus, can be avoided by keeping a regular check on your diet plan. It can clog yo

4 Health benefits to sum up green chillies in your cooking

02:48 PM on 29 Nov 2020,Sunday
Spicy food is one thing India is famous. Many people take much pride in it.  There is a myriad of spicy food recipes to explore, green chilli is one such ingredient that is used in most Indian dishes. People like it in many ways, some prefer it raw, fried, added as a powerful ingredi

5 Health Benefits Of Clove Oil

02:31 PM on 29 Nov 2020,Sunday
In every Indian household, clove is an easily found ingredient. It is used to flavor various curries and biryanis. Many don't know about clove oil but it is highly beneficial and has anti-fungal, antiseptic properties, and is a rich source of anti-oxidants. The properties of clove oil

Avoid these common baking mistakes in your Christmas celebration

05:45 PM on 28 Nov 2020,Saturday
All love a light, airy cake topped with cherries and icing sugar. Baking is like an exercise that binds you to a fresh aroma. There is so much joy to see your cake rising through the oven door and then checking with a toothpick if it’s cooked all the way. Baking is a calming, laidback, and inc
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