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4 Zodiac signs who lack concentration at work for a long time

04:40 PM on 23 Nov 2020,Monday
Staying attentive at your work is essential. It helps you to focus on your work and do it accurately. Being attentive prevents you from getting distracted by any of the disturbances. Still, some are inattentive which later becomes a problem, and is hard for them to focus on their work

Health Benefits Of Adding Manuka Honey to your regime

04:18 PM on 23 Nov 2020,Monday
Manuka honey is a natural medicine for all kinds of wounds. It's considered a great ointment and a powerful germ fighter also. This honey is more influential than normal honey as it has a higher concentration of methylglyoxal. Also, it's rich in antibacterial properties a

Drug to deal with reproductive health conditions like PCOD in women

12:57 PM on 23 Nov 2020,Monday
A research group from the Imperial College London claimed a drug called MVT-602 found out recently can be used to target a hormone called kisspeptin and treat reproductive issues in women.Reproductive health issues leading infertility, is one of the major cause of distress. Multiple treatments are a

China reports huge drop in new HIV/AIDS cases

09:06 PM on 22 Nov 2020,Sunday
The World's largest populated country China has witnessed a significant drop in new HIV/AIDS casess during the January-October period, the Chinese capital's health authorities said on Sunday.  The country has reported a total of 1,408 new HIV/AIDS cases in the first 10 months of t

Try Yoga Nidra For A Relax Sleep

03:33 PM on 21 Nov 2020,Saturday
According to the situation, the lockdown has been stressful for us and leaving many anxious. There are many ways to deal with this distress and one of them is Yoga Nidra. It is the deep savasana state and also known as yogic sleep, a form of guided relaxation that is highly restorative. During
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